Protected: CRI M-Disc Archival Duplicator

Protected: CRI M-Disc Archival Duplicator



CRI M-Disc Archival Duplicator. Keep your data over 1000 years with M-Disc.

The CRI M-Disc Ready duplicators can carve grooves onto the rock-like surface of M-Disc for date security and longevity that has never existed before. The M-DISC has been tested by the U.S. Department of Defense Naval Air Warfare Center Weapon’s Division to outlast all other optical discs on the market. Ideal for businesses, scrapbookers, photographers, archivists, genealogists, or literally anyone! If you have files, photos, or important documents that you can’t afford to lose then you need the M-Disc. Files are literally engraved on the M-Disc and will never suffer from decay or natural degradation. Plus, the M-Disc is compatible with any DVD player so you can access your files whenever you need them!

Each unit has 1 M-DISC DVD-ROM Reader. Select the number of targets to copy to.


  • M-DISC DVD Read Speed: 24X
  • M-DISC DVD Write Speed: 4X
  • Media Supported:
    • M-DISC
    • DVD-R (DL)
    • DVD-RW (DL)
    • DVD-RAM
    • DVD R (DL)
    • DVD RW
    • CD-ROM
    • CD-R and CD-RW with 80mm and 120mm diameter

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