PSIClone™: No DriveKey

PSIClone™: No DriveKey
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What is PSIClone™ with DriveKey™?

All the features of PSIClone™ plus:

  • Retrieve User and Master ATA passwords from supported drives (without clearing them).
  • Unlock drive using ATA password
  • Passwords can be created, retrieved, edited or deleted
  • Lock drive using ATA password. Supports High and Max User password.
  • Set Master password and master password revision code.
    -Save and/or print log of password setting/retrieving activity.
    -Passwords can be entered and viewed in both ASCII and Hex format.
  • Additional Drive Information

  • Password type:User; Security:High; Locks Drive:Yes; Unlocks With: User Password
  • Password type:User; Security:Max; Locks Drive:Yes; Unlocks With: User or master Password
  • Password type:Master; Security:N/A; Locks Drive:NO; Unlocks With: N/A
  • More details..

    For drives which are fully supported, DriveKey™ allows the retrieval of passwords which are in effect. For supported and unsupported drives, DriveKey™ acts as a user-friendly front-end to the locking and unlocking of drives at all security levels. Launch DriveKey™ by clicking the Security button in the CPR Toolbox™ toolbar to reveal the DriveKey™ menu item. Click DriveKey™ to begin

    Fully Supported Drives and DriveKey™

    Assumptions for this example:

  • A fully supported drive is connected to PSIClone™ on Side B and is powered.
  • PSIClone™ has been attached to a USB 2.0 port on a host computer running CPR Toolbox™ version 4.0 or higher.
  • PSIClone™ is using firmware which enables DriveKey™ support.
  • Setting a Master Password

    To set a Master password, ensure that the radio button labeled ‘Master’ is selected. Next, select either ASCII or Hex and enter a ‘Fill Value’, if desired, in the text box provided. The ‘Fill Value’ is used to pad the chosen password. If no Fill Value is entered DriveKey™ will pad the password field, if needed with 0x00.

    According to the ATA specification, a Revision code may be set to specify information about the entity setting a security password. As not all vendors follow the specification, this field may be ‘grayed out’ as it is in the example shown. As specified in the ATA specification, valid hexadecimal values for Revision are 0001 through FFFE. Click ‘Set’ to set the Master password. Upon successful setting of the Master password, CPR Toolbox™ will display a confirmation message

    In addition to the success message, CPR Toolbox™ displays the output of the command in the Event Log section of the module

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