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About Us

CD ROM, Inc. was founded in 1988. Starting at zero, we grew to nearly $2 million in sales in our third year, earning us a place on INC. Magazine’s list of Top 500 privately held companies. From the start, we anticipated the impact that a storage medium capable of containing an amazing 300,000 pages of information, or 650MB, would have on industry and governments worldwide. Today, CD ROM technology is alive and well in the niche market of storage of valuable content, particularly in archival uses. Some of our product offerings in optical discs include gold-plated media with a shelf life of 300 years. And of course, We now offer Blu Ray media with 100GB of storage capacity on one single optical disc, 150X the capacity of the first CD-ROM of 650MB.

As the industry evolved, we did, too. We sold the first DVD recorders to commercial and government interests. We were one of the first companies to offer solid state hard drives. We have built custom products for military and commercial needs including the world’s first ruggedized CD ROM drive used by the USMC in Operation Desert Shield. We have patented solutions in encryption, compression and audio processing. We helped establish the guidelines and standards to permanently destroy digital information on electronic media once it has reached its end of life.

In early 2000, one of the largest software companies in the world asked us to develop a service to incorporate the products we helped invent for the high-security community with a service protocol to destroy digital content on their electronic media. We set up a large facility in a remote part of Wisconsin and, over a period of several years, we destroyed millions of CDs, DVDs, hard drives and other electronic media to a standard beyond forensic recovery.

As our expertise grew regarding the process needed to permanently destroy digital information, we saw that we could reverse this paradigm and apply our knowledge to recover digital data from damaged electronic media. Our recovery services are unique in this regard. While there are larger companies in this niche who provide excellent recovery services, our recovery suite includes unique tools that we have invented and which are not yet available on the commercial market.

Today, we offer a wide variety of electronic media devices to create or destroy digital information. We have several patents and products in this information technology space, including devices evaluated by the National Security Agency for use in destroying media containing classified information.

At our 24,000-square-foot headquarters in Fort Myers, we continue to offer digital data destruction services for all forms of electronic media, meeting the highest standard available in government and industry. We also provide on-site service for large projects anywhere in the United States. Give us a call to request an estimate for your digital data destruction project.

For clients needing data recovery, we offer a flat rate for the majority of our projects, and a free evaluation of all forms of damaged electronic media. Follow the link on our web site to send us your damaged media for evaluation.

We appreciate being a legacy company (History of CD ROM Inc) and part of a constantly changing information technology world. CD ROM, Inc. (CRI) will continue to innovate and meet new technology needs of the future based on our knowledge of the past.

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