CD ROM, INC. Announces the DX-CD3™ and DX-CD3m™

A Dust-Free, Green Solution for Destruction of High-Security CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-Ray Media

FORT MYERS, FL – CD ROM, Inc., the industry leader in high-security deployable digital media destruction devices for military and industrial applications, today announced its new DX-CD3™, a first-of-its kind device that destroys sensitive CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-Ray media through environmentally sustainable methods.

The DX-CD3 is a third-generation device incorporating a decade of experience with the protocols and standards applicable to the destruction of digital data on optical discs containing sensitive or classified information. The DX-CD3 is designed to destroy digital data on all forms and all types of 8cm or 12cm optical discs in a dust-free process to protect indoor air quality and allow the materials to be recycled.

The DX-CD3 has two versions: a manually operated unit and an electric unit with universal power supply. Both models are available as either stand-alone systems or in-field deployable military-spec case kits.

The data destruction uses both cutting and knurling as the active data destruction processes. The CRI patent-pending process of data destruction completely destroys both the data layers and the essential reflective layers needed for the read laser to return a signal from the pits and lands. Under extreme magnification there are no discrete pits and lands and the reflective coatings are no longer coherent. The CRI data destruction process is complete, thorough, and beyond recovery with any known or conceivable technology including scanning electron microscopes, high-powered optical microscopes, reflective spin tables, or reconstruction optical disc recovery
software. No state-sponsored forensic lab could develop a retrieval tool for optical discs that no longer have retrievable discrete binary signal read features.

“The DX-CD3 is a world-exclusive (patent-pending) optical disc destruction device designed to provide total destruction of classified data on all forms and all sizes of CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-Ray discs,” said CD ROM, Inc. President and CTO Dr. Roger Hutchison. “It is our third-generation optical disc destruction device
designed primarily for forward deployed military applications.”

The manually operated DX-CD3m, is designed to be operated with 15 pounds or less of force and designed to process each optical disc in 3 to 4 seconds.

Preliminary Specifications DX-CD3m:

  • 350mm height X 250 mm width X 250mm length
  • 13.8″ X 10″ X 10″
  • 11.5 kg / 25 pounds
  • Release date: 30 September 2020

Preliminary Specifications DX-CD3:

  • 450mm height X 250mm width X 250mm length
  • 17.7” X 10” X 10”
  • 17.2kg / 38 pounds
  • DX-CD3 release date: 30 December 2020


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