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Recovery Services

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Three Easy Steps

1. Recover your Sensitive Information
2. On Damaged or Broken Electronic Media
3. Safely, Securely, and Rapidly
  1. Download a service request and fill in the details.  If the content is highly sensitive or classified, please contact us for instructions.  For cell phones or iPad, please use the Flash Request.
  2. Email the completed form to us to receive a tracking number for your items before you ship them to us. Send to
  3. We will assess your damaged media and send you a not-to-exceed (NTE) cost estimate and estimated time to completion.

We do the rest!

Our Services Includes

  • A no charge comprehensive analysis of your damaged electronic media:  no cost except return freight unless we can recover some or all of your data. You will decide once we give you our diagnosis, prognosis, and etiology
  • Friendly and knowledgeable advice
  • Rapid screening and triage service to determine viability of data retrieval
  • Examination of media, e.g.: CD, DVD, hard drives, tapes, and memory sticks, SSD, etc.
  • Rapid extraction of non-damaged files
  • Complex, comprehensive examinations of fatal flaws in media and prospect for recovery of important data
  • Retrieval of deleted data if it still exists in the physical world
  • Clear expert witness expertise available under separate contract options
Pricing for Magnetic Media and Solid-state Devices
Initial EvaluationNo Cost
In-house Recovery$250.00
Laboratory Level Recovery I$499.00
Laboratory Level Recovery II$999.00 plus parts
Laboratory Level Recovery IIIQuoted individually
Pricing for Damaged CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Optical Discs
Initial EvaluationNo Cost
In-house Recovery$250
Laboratory RecoveryQuoted Individually
Pricing for Damaged Cell Phones
Initial EvaluationNo Cost
In-house Recovery$250
Laboratory RecoveryQuoted Individually

Details of Services & Pricing

Initial Evaluation: Our service is comprehensive and includes equipment and software for spinning hard drives, solid state hard drives, flash drives of all makes, types and capacities, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, and Blu Ray optical discs.  If it is electronic media of any type, for example the memory components of a cell phone, we will examine it at no cost to you.  We examine your defective media and if recovery is possible with our in-house software and equipment, we contact you for permission to proceed.  If the media is either beyond forensic recovery or requires laboratory level processing, we notify you for your instructions to either return your media or continue with the recovery effort.  If we return your media, your only charge is the return freight, if any.  If we advise a customer that their media is beyond recovery techniques, or the cost for recovery is prohibitive, we provide 100% green recycling services for free.

If we determine that the media is likely recoverable but only in our research branch, and you authorize laboratory level recovery, we bring the media to a secure site in our facilities and utilize a different set of tools requiring a special work environment.  We pursue lab level recovery in three progressively more complex levels, Recovery Levels I, II, and III.

Recovery Level I – is when our lab equipment and software can find and recreate some or all the original data and then copy the data to a ‘dump drive’.  This is done in a secure facility.

Recovery Level II – is defined as when we need to rebuild the electronic components in the defective drive or physically repair the damaged media.  For example, hard drives with defective read heads will require the removal of either the platters from the defective drive or replacement of the read heads with new heads.  Hard drives with non-functioning electronic components will require the replacement of the defective integrated circuits.  This is done in a cleared facility with cleared personnel.

Recovery Level III – is when the platters themselves need to be mounted in special equipment which spins the platters as if they were in their original hard drive enclosure.  The devices we use are large, delicate and expensive pieces of equipment requiring a semi-clean room environment.  Our specialized forensic laboratory equipment includes magnetic, atomic force, and specially designed optical microscopes capable of reading the digital signal on any type of electronic media in its native binary form.  In addition to our world class hardware suite, we have unique customized software tools which can recreate the digital information from magnetic, solid-state, and optical discs damaged to varying levels.  This highly specialized service is available for extremely valuable data.  The cost for this level of service is quoted individually based on the individual project.  This is done in a cleared facility with cleared personnel.

If your media contains classified information, please contact us in advance for special instructions.

Call 239-332-2800 and speak to someone in data recovery.

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