Data Creation products for CD/DVD/Blu-ray & HDD/SSD and flash Duplication, Publishing, and Multiple Access


Data Destruction services for hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash, tape, and other electronic media containing company sensitive or Government classified information


Data Recovery services for damaged hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Flash, tape and other electronic media

Core Services of CD ROM, Inc.



4D3 is the integration of CD ROM, Inc., Digital Data Destruction Services and eTriage – the Digital 3s – three companies that are leading the way in services and products to create, destroy and recover electronic media  So, we are For D Three.  We offer some 500 products to commercial and Government interests to create and duplicate electronic media: from CDs to hard drives and flash drives; from duplicators and state-of-the art storage systems to the final digital data destruction products. We invented and hold some of the industry’s base patents in security products to erase and destroy digital information on electronic media once it  has reached its end of life.  This full-circle offering falls under our Creation product line.




Our Destruction services for electronic media provide a high-security process to permanently destroy digital information on all forms of electronic media. We carefully follow the guidelines and practices recommended by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Institute of  Standards and Technology (NIST). Select white papers can be found on our website.  Our services meet the needs of larger business and Government agencies as well as smaller organizations that have done due diligence and appreciate the difference between the requirements for destroying a piece of paper and destroying the digital content on a hard drive.




Our Recovery services parallel the best in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we offer a free evaluation of damaged electronic media and a flat fee for nearly all of our recovery efforts. For cases involving extremely valuable content on highly damaged electronic media, we offer custom solutions.