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CD ROM, Inc. has offered cutting edge creation, storage and duplication products to Government, Military and Commercial clients since 1988. Since 1995, we have offered digital data destruction products in use worldwide by our military and our Sisters to destroy digital data on electronic media containing sensitive or classified data. Since 2018 we have offered augmented and virtual reality products for the professional and military markets, especially in flight training. Our products are sold online, and through two Government and military procurement sites. These sites also offer 7% to 10% discounts and free CONUS shipping. Please see either and search for GSA contract 47QTCA18D00FJ or FEDMALL at

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CD ROM, Inc. offers data destruction and data recovery services to our clients. Digital data destruction service is available both commercially and through GSA contract. Our destruction service is designed to offer high-end destruction which corporations with sensitive information can use to permanently destroy digital information once the data has reached its end of life. For Government and military, we offer digital data destruction services for any level of sensitive and classified data. All our destruction services include a notarized Certificate of Destruction which can be used for compliance records such as HIPPA or the appropriate military protocols. Please see either and search for GSA contract 47QTCA18D00FJ or FEDMALL at

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CD ROM, Inc. also offers a comprehensive digital data recovery service for all forms of electronic media. This service branch includes a free assessment of the damaged media and a not to exceed (NTE) cost. Over 80% of our recovery services are considered Tier 1 and cost $750 or less. 20% of our recovery services are considered Tier 2, or Tier 3 and are quoted at NTE cost. Our engineers and facility for data recovery are manned by cleared personnel and cleared facility. Recovery services are also available on FEDMALL and GSA Advantage under GSA Contract 47QTCA18D00FJ. Please see either and search for GSA contract 47QTCA18D00FJ or FEDMALL at

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