CRI 2.5″ External SSD Drives

CRI 2.5″ External SSD Drives


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CRI External SATA Solid State 256GB Drive (SSD) delivers all advantages of Flash Disk technology with the Serial ATA 2.0 interface, fully compliant with standard 2.5 inch form factor. Ideal for tanks, naval vessels, aircraft, special forces, and other military IT needs.

The SATA SSD is based on a standard 7-pin interface for data segment and 15-pin for power segment, designed to operate at a maximum operating frequency of 55MHz. The power consumption of SSD Flash Disk is much lower than traditional Hard Drive. In addition, SSD provides hot-swapping abilities when removing, replacing or upgrading flash disks. Resistant to shock & vibration. Incorporates Wear-Leveling – spreads flash media usage evenly across all pages, extending flash time


Faster Startup than HDD

No Spin-up required for NAND Flash

Faster Random I/O Than HDD

Faster boot & application launch time
Extremely low read/write latency (seek) time
Relatively constant performance across the entire device (since the seeking time is constant performance won’t deteriorate as the media fills up)

More Robust

No moving parts, lighter in weight
Low power consumption
Better acoustic(no noise)
Better reliability in shock, vibration , temperature, etc.

Future Trend of SSD

Solid State Disk is developed to replace conventional Hard Disk, (Solid State Drive or SSD) SSD is a data storage device that uses NAND Flash to store persistent data. Unlike conventional Hard Disk (HDD) , which uses spinning platter and mechanical magnetic head, SSD is based on NAND Flash. Without moving parts, SDD can eliminate seeking time latency and other electro-mechanical delays caused in HDD. SSD is the future trend to replace HDD in storage devices such as Desktop , Laptop , UMPC , and Industrial PC products.


Easy Installation & portable
Fully compliant with USB 2.0 & USB 1.1
Transfer Rate: High-Speed up to 480 Mbps data transfer rate
LED indicates Power and Active status
Powered by USB port


Material Aluminum & plastic
Internal Interface SATA
External Interface USB 2.0
Connectors USB mini B Female
Maximum Data Transfer Rate 480Mb/s
Operation System support Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.2 or higher
Regulatory Certifications CE,FCC, RoHS

SSD Specifications:

2.5″ SATA II MLC 64GB Capacity
1,000,000 Hours MTBF (Target)
1500G Max Shock Resistance
2.6W Active Power Consumption
0.15W Idle Power Consumption
Up to 230MB/s Sequential Read Access
Up to 180MB/s Sequential Write Access
Incorporates Wear-Leveling – spreads flash media usage evenly across all pages, extending flash time

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 2 in

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