CRI Digital Media Manager

CRI Digital Media Manager


Digital Media Manager (4 in 1 Copier)

Simple & Easy to operate, no computer needed! This amazing unit allows you to copy:

  1. Disc to Disc — (Make backup copies of your discs to share or archive)
  2. Disc to USB — (Put music, pictures, videos, data files on a USB drive to use on your laptop or tablet)
  3. USB to USB — (Make backup copies of your USB drives to share or archive)
  4. USB to Disc – (Put music or videos on a disc to play on your Car CD or DVD player)

There are all kinds of applications for this versatile product.

Specifications and Features

  • Rips Audio CD to USB Drive in WAV Format
  • Makes Custom Music CD from multiple CD’s
  • Supports Disc Spanning Function
  • Supports Multi-session Function
  • Auto Erases Rewritable (RW) disc
  • Displays USB and Disc information
  • Supports Disc Test Function
  • Formats USB drive in FAT format
  • Easy to read LCD display with 4 large buttons
  • Industrial cooling fan with built-in power supply
  • No PC or Software needed
  • DVD Disc Burn Speed is 24X CD 48X
  • USB Transfer Speed is up to 2 GB/Min
  • Pre-orders are being taken – Availability Mid April

    Weight3 lbs
    Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

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