DX-CD2 Optical Disc Destruction Device: Standard 1 Yr Warranty

DX-CD2 Optical Disc Destruction Device: Standard 1 Yr Warranty



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DX-CD2 with 2 Yr Extended Warranty Included

Extends the standard 1-Yr warranty on the DX-CD2 Disc Destruction Device by an additional TWO Years!

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The DX-CD2™ Second Generation DX-CDe Destruction Device is the newest generation of CD-ROM and DVD destruction devices produced by the industry leader in the field of digital data destruction.

The DX-CD2™ has been evaluated by the NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for Optical Media.

Additionally, the DX-CD2 meets the requirements of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police (RCMP) for listing in the G1-001 Security Equipment Guide (SEG) as an approved device for the destruction of all Classified and Protected information on optical media when used in accordance with the operating instructions. The SEG can be obtained at this URL. http://www.rcmp-grc.ca/tsb-genet/seg/html/home_e.htm The SEG contains additional information on the approved use and application of the product. Access to this site and the SEG is restricted to authorized Federal Government and agencies.

This product is designed with the high-security sector in mind and follows the high quality standards we have used for the past few years in our Department of the Defense (DoD) product line for classified data destruction. The DX-CD2™ design specification requires the data layer of optical drives to be ground to 250 microns – eliminating forensic recovery of data by any known means. The DX-CD2™ incorporates two speed options: Setting one is defaulted to an 18 second cycle time or @ 180 discs per hour. Setting two is programmable upon request to permit from 90-340 discs to be destroyed per hour. The DX-CD2™ is lightweight, quiet enough for an office environment, safe, clean and inexpensive to operate. Your organization can be assured that your digital information has been permanently and safely destroyed. With the looming liability forced upon us by the Economic Espionage Act, the Gramm Leach Bliley and HIPAA regulations, any person or company that does not properly dispose of digital records faces a major liability. Join the thousands of customers who sleep at night knowing their digital records are no longer in use and can never be used again.


Fast Operation – under 18 seconds per disc
Technology process results in digital data 100% beyond forensic recovery
DX-CD2 can be used to grind the data layer of Blu-ray media. Check your user manual for instructions
Speed: Settings from 90-340 discs per hour
High Level of Security
Meets NSA/CSS 04-02 for CD-ROM
Meets Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) G1-001 Security Equipment Guide (SEG)
Environmentally Safe – dust is collected in bag to be safely disposed of
Easy to Use Push button operation
Replaceable cutter and dust collection bag
Patented Technology
Low Cost permanent and safe destruction
Information layer is ground to 250 microns
Optional DX-DVDm Manual DVD Splitter (The DX-DVDm Manual DVD Splitter is available only for international orders at this time)

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 8 in

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