Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG

Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG


  • 20 CM Spring
  • 20 CM Extension with Cable
  • 20 CM Extension KIT
  • 40 CM Spring
  • 40 CM Extension with Cable
  • 40 CM Extension KIT

CD ROM Inc’s Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG joystick extensions are either 20cm or 40 CM long. Our springs are custom made to replace the existing springs to support longer joystick extensions.  Our 20CM spring is @ 2X as strong as the spring in the COTS HOTAS.  Our 40CM spring is @ 4X as strong as the spring in the COTS HOTAS.   These springs provide @ 200% or 400% of the original spring torsion. Our extensions are shiny aluminum like the base plate. For spring replacement, unscrew the screws in the base plate. Take old spring out and put new spring in. Replace cover of base plate. Takes about 20 minutes if you have done it a few times. If this is your first time, plan on 2 people taking 1 hour. And be sure you have the virtue of patience. You then have a much stronger spring and more comfortable positioning and movement of the joystick. Please download both the spec sheet for the 20CM and 40CM options and compare.

Click here to download 20CM HOTAS WARTHOG specification


Click here to download 40CM HOTAS WARTHOG specification


20 CM Spring, 20 CM Extension with Cable, 20 CM Extension KIT, 40 CM Spring, 40 CM Extension with Cable, 40 CM Extension KIT

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