CD ROM, Inc CEO Featured Speaker at Wisconsin Entrepreneur Conference

Minneapolis, MNJune 3, 2004, CD ROM, Inc. President and CEO Roger Hutchison addressed an audience of entrepreneurs and investors on the experiences that face the processes from idea to market success at the annual Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past week.

Dr. Hutchison spoke to the audience about his experiences in starting successful companies that were all based on intellectual property and the importance of looking beyond just building a better mouse trap. Dr. Hutchison’s presentation focused on the importance of establishing a corporate identity and moving from raising capital to managing success. Most importantly he addressed the importance of perseverance.

CD ROM, Inc sister company D3, Inc. recently opened a service bureau in the Iron River Business Enterprise Center working in tandem with the Wisconsin Business Innovation Corporation to establish a facility to handle the manufacturing and service capabilities of it’s digital data destruction technologies.

Curriculum Vitae – Roger Hutchison, PhD.

Roger S. Hutchison, Ph.D., Founder, Chief Executive Officer D3, Inc and CD ROM, Inc
In 1990, Roger earned the Doctor of Philosophy from the College of Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in the Economics Department, where he specialized in a completely novel study of how advanced materials and technological changes led to the adoption of optical systems in the US telecommunications industry. As a result of this research in both the engineering and economics of advanced materials, he realized the significance and future global impact of optically based storage and transmission of digital data. Dr. Hutchison established CD ROM, Inc. in 1988, at a time when CD-ROM was an infant industry. According to INC Magazine, he built the firm into the 184th fastest-growing privately-held company in the US within the first three years. Since that early time, the Company has experienced steady growth and has several patents in different fields of study. Prior to establishing CD ROM, Inc., Roger worked as a US Government technical advisor in Africa.


Lisa Weber Hutchinson
Vice President Marketing and Public Relations

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