DataVault Locator-1™ DoD Database for Windows 95™ and Windows NT™ Operating Systems

May 19,1996 – (RESTON, VIRGINIA)– The DataVault Locator-1 (DVL-1) database is a Windows-based system applied by the Department of Defense (DoD) in the management of the Defense Standardization Program (DSP). This database uses the same information contained in the DOS-based Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST). DVL-1 was developed as a tool to provide timely information about specifications and standards imposed in the acquisition process and to attain visibility over the interrelationships between standardization products.

In 1989, it’s inception, four major DoD standardization and acquisition databases have been integrated into the ASSIST and now the DVL-1 database. These databases comprise the backbone of the DoD automation efforts to manage the DSP and to serve the entire DoD. The databases integrated into DVL-1 include the DoD Index to Specifications and Standards (DODISS), Standardization Directory 1 (SD-1), Standardization Directory 4 (SD-4), and the Defense Management Review (DMR) and the Data Requirements Control List (AMSDL).

DVL-1 is the product of these system integration efforts readily available within a single information base, capable of producing detailed standardization reports and publications for the first time in a user-friendly Windows-based interface.

Frequency6X per year
FormatsStandalone CD-ROM; Networked CD-ROM server, Internet
Price$500.00 per year, Individual units $100.00
Shipment DateOctober 1, 1996
DistributorCD ROM, Inc. Golden, Colorado
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