Florida Senate Passes Data Destruction Bill

February10, 2009

The Florida Senate passed Bill S1366 that directs the use of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s guidelines concerning media sanitization on end-of-life electronic data.    These guidelines require “purge” level or higher data destruction and are addressed in NIST SP 800-88. 

The bill, in part, reads:

“An act relating to data destruction; providing definitions; requiring all state agencies and private entities that collect personal information to adhere to the procedures provided in the National Institute of Standards and Technology “Guidelines for Media Sanitization” when destroying such information; requiring such agencies and entities to maintain a copy of the guidelines; requiring all state agencies to submit a sampling of sanitized media to a third party vendor for verification of data destruction; authorizing the Department of Management Services to adopt rules; providing an effective date.”
 This bill was championed and presented to the Florida Legislature by Florida Senator Mike Fasano in coordination with DestructData and CPR Tools. 

 Florida Senate Filing of S1366




 PDF format of Bill S1366

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