Green Data Destruction


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July 25, 2008
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Green Data Destruction
D3’s New D3eraSE Service 

Data destruction and green recycling efforts are often at odds with one another. Now, thanks to the new D3eraSE service from D3 (Digital Data Destruction Services), IT managers have another option for securely destroying data without permanently destroying the media on which it is stored.


D3eraSE is a Tier 4 electronic data destruction process that permanently removes all data stored on a hard drive or flash media in such a way that data recovery is impossible, yet the media is reusable. Because the D3eraSE service is more secure than simply overwriting the data, the NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Technology) classifies D3eraSE as acceptable for confidential documents. D3eraSE has also been accepted by the Department of Defense for use with media containing data that’s labeled as secret information.


Digital Data Destruction Services D3eraSE

Permanently erases data on storage media, making the media reusable and rendering data recovery impossible

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