Letter from the President

We would like to welcome you to our home page on the Internet. CD ROM, Inc. is the oldest privately held company in the CD-ROM industry. We have been an established company since 1988 with over two years prior experience in the CD-ROM world before 1988. We have a highly focused offering of CD-ROM recorders, CD-ROM drives and towers, and select CD-ROM discs. Our company has produced over 100 titles for companies, educational institutions and government agencies. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have not only survived in a highly competitive and complex field, but we have prospered and grown to be the third fastest growing privately held company in Colorado, according to INC. Magazine, and the 184th fastest growing privately held company in the US.

As a continuing goal of providing not only the best and most competitive CD-ROM products and services but acting as a public forum to promote standards in the industry and to generate discussions, we offer a News and Information section on the Internet. We will be adding constantly to this site and we hope that you frequently visit our site for new product announcements, special price breaks on the latest technology, and news and information in this dynamic and exciting industry.

We will be adding over 150 new CD-ROM titles within the next few weeks which have an unbelievably low price and secure ordering for persons browsing the Web in those late nights after the children go to sleep. We update information weekly and will be offering an audio catalog for persons with limited vision and for those other who simply want an enhanced multi-media experience on the Web.

Thank you for visiting our site and drop us an e-mail if you would like us to carry your product or have any suggestions or comments on how we can improve our site and our offerings.

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