Replication of CD-ROMs: Artwork guidelines

Preparation of artwork for CD-ROM labels is a straightforward task. The artwork must conform to certain standards to be used at the replication facility. This document should answer all questions you or your graphics staff need to know for high-quality results. The following diagram details the printable areas of the CD-ROM. Note that the image is not to scale, so please use the given dimensions when preparing your artwork.

Disc Printing

Discs are printed by a direct silk-screen process: label film with a positive image (one for each color separation) is transferred onto an offset screen. This screen is then used to apply the desired color to the laquered side of the compact disc.

Print Capability

Printing of one, two, three, four or five colors (including picture discs) is possible. We employ the Pantone color standard for printing inks. Each label film positive image should be indicated with the appropriate PMS (Pantone Matching System) color number.

We offer a print-to-center option with a stacking ring for disc printing. Print-to-center allows printing to the center hole of the disc and is often used for picture discs. Please note the unprintable disc area on the diagram.

General Film Specification

Disc printing requires actual size film positives withemulsion side up. Multi-color printing requires a separate actual size film positive for each color to be printed. Multi-color printing requires registration marks on each film positive. There is a 0.5mm tolerance to which overlays can be placed during the printing process.

We highly recommend that critical detail information on the film label be screened on the same color and not separated by different colors. Please allow only one dot pattern angle for each film positive.

Picture Discs

Picture disc printing should meet all general film specifications as well as having a line count from 85 to 121 lines per inch. Dot patterns for each of the following CMYK color separations are requested to ensure the finest picture image.



Label film which indicates logos of Disc manufacturers (Replicators) is unacceptable and cannot be used by us (Note: this does not mean you, the publisher). Likewise, label film showing country of manufacture other than the USA can not be used.

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