CD-ROM Newsletter – December 2001

Unlike our competition, our company holds several patents in the industry that range in scope from a software audio process on CD-ROM that does not require a sound card, to patents relating to compression and real-time decompression of information on CD-ROM and DVDs. Our most recent two patents are on security products that we call “DX-CD” made for the United States Department of Defense that safely destroys classified data on CD ROM discs.

Check our site in January for a complete line of NAS (network attached servers) and SAN (server attached networks) and an announcement about our distribution arrangement with Excel-Meridian Data, Also in January will be one of the industry first listing of commercially available DVD discs for the computer industry. If you require a custom made tower with network connections, DVD-ROM, DVD RAM or other DVD or CD ROM sub-systems, give us a call and we will custom build a system for you.

If you are a Federal or State Government employee or procurement officer, we offer all of our products on the General Services Administration contract # GS-35F-0450J. If you are a corporate or educational buyer, please call us to receive your corporate or educational discounts.

Thank you for visiting and as a very special offer for visiting us in December, you can deduct 10% from any cash or credit card order placed by fax (fax # 952-832-5434) if received by December 30th. The only exceptions to this are the third party duplicators we sell and a few of our third party software programs. If you have any questions about items that qualify for discounts, please call us toll-free at 1-866-66-CDROM (23766) and ask a sales person.

As the President of this wonderful company, I am pleased that you have visited and ask you to bookmark this site for some terrific new product announcements~~~and new ways to buy and view products before you buy~~~which will soon be available on our progressive site. In the next few weeks you will see a very novel and creative way to test drive products before you buy available only

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