CD-ROM Newsletter- January 2002

Happy New Year 2002! CD ROM, Inc., the oldest privately held CD-ROM and DVD company in the industry would like to wish you a very happy, prosperous and safe new year.

We have a new product roll out this January and February that compliments a long history of outstanding CD-ROM and DVD creation, storage and destruction products. First, we have added over 200 new network attached storage (NAS) devices by agreement with Excel Meridian Data to resell virtually all of this industry pioneer’s mass storage devices. All of these products are listed on our GSA schedule # GS-35F-0450J which can be downloaded from our web site. We have introduced a unique custom-built solution option for your specific requirements for CD-ROM and DVD products. The price of DVD recorders has dropped from $17,000.00 four years ago, to $5,000.00 two years ago to an unbelievably low price of under $600.00 this year. Now that is a perfect example for the economists of a downward priced electronics industry. From industrial to consumer level in four years! This would be a great study for any student of high tech.

We also offer extremely competitive prices on CD-ROM and DVD replication services. Please click on “replication services” to get a quote for any job large or small. Remember, because we are the only patent holder for CD-ROM destruction devices and the only company that has been approved by the Department of Defense for a portable device to destroy classified data on CD ROM, if your company has a need to safely destroy CD-ROMs, we both sell the devices and offer the service. See “DX-CD” on our web site.

Within about four weeks, we will begin featuring low bandwidth interactive video and audio descriptions of some of our select products and provide you a real-time telephone or video conference link to one of our sales persons to ask questions or buy your products online. We have also introduced a downloadable fax order form which you can print from the safety of your home desktop computer and printer if you have not yet made the leap of faith to use secure online ordering.

Welcome again to an exciting new year of CD-ROM and DVD products and services from a company that can’t be beat!

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