JETRO: Japan’s Multimedia Market Seminar

Japan’s Multimedia Market Seminar –
Date: March 12
Time: 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Place: Downtown Denver
Hyatt Downtown
1750 Welton
Mount Evans AB Room
Cost: Free

JETRO, Colorado Advanced Technology Institute, Colorado Trade Office
and SoftwareDeveloper and Publisher Magazine

Guest Speakers:
Mr. Takashi Yoshida, Senior Trade Advisor, JETRO, Denver
Mr. Ken Kutaragi, Vice President, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
and Chairman & CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment, USA Mr. Roger
Hutchison, President & CEO, CD ROM, Inc.

Mr. Takashi Yoshida
Mr. Yoshida has been at Tomen Corporation, one of Japan’s largest
trading companies, for 25 years. He has supervised and developed
both domestic and overseas trading of telecommunication,
semiconductor, and aircraft products. Currently, he is working as a
JETRO’s Senior Trade Advisor, JETRO, Denver with JETRO Denver to
assist local companies in their efforts to export high technological
products to Japan.

Mr. Ken Kutaragi
As Chairman & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Mr.
Kutaragi brings to his position more than 20 years of experience
with Sony. He is responsible for the overall management of the
North American business operations.

He is also holds the title of Executive Vice President of
Tokyo-based Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., where he is a member
of the Board of Directors and responsible for global management for
the SCE group companies worldwide. He is best known as the “Father
of the PlayStation” since he has had a crucial role in the game’s
phenomenal growth worldwide and is actively involved in the ongoing
management of businesses in North America, Europe and Japan.

Dr. Roger Hutchison
Dr. Hutchison is the President and CEO of CD ROM, Inc (CRI), which
is the oldest privately held CD-ROM and optical disc company in the
industry. CRI has achieved world- wide recognition for its
pioneering work in compression and software based audio and is the
holder of fundamental patents in the industry.

CRI has offices in Singapore, Mexico and an office in Kobe, Japan
which was destroyed in the Kobe Earthquake. CRI has developed and
produced over 140 CD-ROM titles and continues to promote optical
technology and multimedia development with DVD technology.

Dr. Hutchison’s education includes a Ph.D. from the Colorado School
of Mines.

JETRO, Denver
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a non-profit
government agency dedicated to the promotion of international trade
and industrial cooperation between Japan and the rest of the World.
JETRO now has 80 overseas offices and 33 domestic ones.

In the US, JETRO has 7 offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San
Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and Denver. The Denver office
serves the business communities of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

JETRO Denver’s activities include: export promotion, two-way direct
investment, two-way technology transfer, information exchange,
mutual US/Japan communication.

JETRO Denver
1200 17th St., Ste 1110
Denver, CO 80202
Telephone: 303-629-0404 Fax: 303-893-9522

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