DX-CD™ CD Data’s Destruction Device Announced

Long awaited need in optical disc industry to destroy classified and sensitive data on CD-ROM discs

Contact: Duane Marquis – +1 (410) 353-4007duanemarq@aol.com.

Baltimore, Maryland: May 18,1998:CD ROM, Inc., a leader in the optical disc industry, today announced at SIGCAT 98 it’s newest product line-Destroy DX-CDTM. The first product in the line, the DX-CDTM, shown at the trade show for the first time, will soon be shipping.

The DX-CDTM will be the first commercially available, field portable, manually operated device to remove the data from a CD or CD-ROM. The data layer is ground into fine powder leaving a polycarbonate disc, with no trace of the original data and can be recycled or thrown in the trash.

The DX-CDTM features include:

Fast operation– 10 to 15 seconds to completely remove/destroy all information on CD or CD-ROM.
High level of security- designed to substantially exceed all published recommendations and standards for the removal and destruction of data on compact disc media.
Media Identification- the inner hub remains intact to allow identification of the original product for those applications where positive certification of destruction is required.
Field portable- weight 20 pounds- height 10 inches- diameter 7 inches.
Mechanical operation- designed for easy operation with rotating handle.
Optional motor drive- motor drive can be quickly removed and replaced by the handle in case of power loss.

An environmentally safe process, meets health and safety requirements.

Patent Pending

Dr. Roger Hutchison, President of CD ROM, Inc. said of the announced new product line “Since the beginning of the CD-ROM industry in the mid-1980s, there has been a need to destroy the information bearing layer of CD-ROMs. To date, no field portable units have been offered to the military or to such diverse businesses as banks and large corporations that publish confidential and sensitive information on CD-ROM, to accomplish the important objective of destroying the CD-ROMs once their usefulness has expired. As a pioneer in the CD industry, we have again listened to the needs of our customers. We are quite pleased to offer this unique product and remain, as always, interested to hear of new products which need to be developed.”

CD ROM, Inc. was founded in 1988. The three purposes of the company are:

  • To distribute high quality optical products
  • To develop CD-ROM and DVD products for clients in our consulting branch
  • To foster research and development of the optical industry.
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