Popular Mechanics Assembles Shredded Documents

Shredder Showdown
Popular Mechanics
Published in the August 2005 issue.
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Shred Reckoning
Popular Mechanics shows how easily shredder output can be de-Humpty-Dumptied

The rise of Internet scams such as phishing and now pharming (see POPULAR MECHANICS, August 2005, page 24) has given identity thieves the luxury of working from home, but a great deal of stolen information still comes from personal documents. The Federal Trade Commission recommends shredding receipts, credit card applications, insurance forms, bank statements, etc., lest they fall into the wrong hands. We sent a single page through three new shredders, then gave our intern, Wes Meltzer, 45 minutes to put each of them back together. Here’s what we found.

Results photos by Burcu Avsar

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