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CD ROM, Inc. is a privately-held C Corporation registered in the State of Colorado since 1988. The Company believes that it is the oldest privately-held company in the CD-ROM industry. Since its early inception as a formal commercial enterprise, CD ROM, Inc. has steadily grown from its first few weeks in an unheated garage in Golden, Colorado to being a highly successful and international company conducting business in virtually all 50 States, and in 5 of six continents. The Company has several awards including the prestigious INC 500 Award.

Our main corporate offices are in Minneapolis, Minnesota with branch offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. The company is managed by Roger Hutchison, an industry pioneer who holds a doctorate in economics from the College of Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. His academic study was centered on the use of advanced materials (optical systems) as replacement technology for traditional materials in the telecommunication industry. Roger and his wife Lisa are still active with the company.

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