Compression Technology: Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office

The USPTO has issued a notice of allowance on USA’s patent application for compression on CD-ROM and DVD

Golden, Colorado September 1, 1997: In 1992, CD ROM-USA, Inc. pioneered a new technology that first permitted real-time access to compressed data on optical media. An application for a patent protecting this technology was filed in 1994.

CD ROM is pleased to announce that this application will soon mature into an issued United States patent. The United States Patent and Trademark Office, after an extensive examination, recently awarded CD ROM with a Notice of Allowance of its patent application. The application is expected to issue as a patent in the next two to three months.

The patent claims cover processes for accessing compressed data on optical media, including both CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. One of the allowed claims, for example, covers:

“.… A method for interfacing a data processing mechanism with a storage medium having no file allocation table stored thereon and having compressed data stored thereon, to directly locate the compressed data from said storage medium…”

CD ROM’s patent-pending technology, currently being marketed under the trademark CRI-X™, permits standard off-the-shelf or custom compression algorithms commonly used on a read-write magnetic media to be used effectively on read-only optical media. The technology offers at least two significant competitive advantages in the rapidly evolving optical industry. First, the amount of information which can be stored on the CD-ROM increases from a standard 650 million bytes of data to on average three times that amount. Second, access to the compressed data on the optical media speeds up in direct proportion to the compression ratio. A CD-ROM or DVD-ROM which has the CRI-X™ code can be read at double or triple the normal data transfer rate.

Dr. Roger Hutchison, President and CEO of CD ROM-USA, Inc. recently said of the patented technology:

“The CRI-X™ technology offers a more efficient means of first placing and then accessing information from optical media. This is accomplished by utilizing the same fundamental processes which make standard telephony able to place simultaneous digital calls on the same twisted copper wire. This technology, when widely utilized in the industry, will offer a fundamentally new and better way of storing and accessing data on optical media. The implications of this process are far ranging in the industry.”

CD ROM-USA, Inc. is the oldest privately-held CD-ROM and optical products company in the industry. The Company has been widely acknowledged as being an industry pioneer.

The Company develops technology and provides application solutions to it’s customers. This CRI-X™ patent award will add to the existing patent portfolio owned by the Company. Further information can be obtained at, or by contacting the press agent above.

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