CD ROM, Inc. announces the release of it’s latest version of SOFT AUDIO(TM)

LAS VEGAS, November 17, 1996.CD ROM, Inc. announced today the release of it’s latest version of SOFT AUDIO(TM), US Patent #5,367,301 and US Trademark #1,827,309. This is a software solution to replace the need for costly sound cards to upgrade computers to multimedia capability. SOFT AUDIO(TM) provides decoding of Wave files, and other audio file formats common to multimedia CD-ROMs, by utilizing the existing circuitry already inside the CD-ROM drive normally used to play high fidelity Red Book quality CD music.

Dr. Philip Teo, Managing Director of CD ROM, Inc.’s blossoming multimedia division said, “SOFT AUDIO(TM) will permit a whole new generation of CD-ROM drives to enter the marketplace in early 1997 offering full multimedia capability without the need for a sound card. This provides the users of the “SOFT AUDIO” CD-ROM drive, product code named “SOFT-ROM”

  • a painless installation
  • a significantly lower cost
  • a significantly increased audio quality playback

of audio information on multimedia CD-ROM discs.” Dr. Teo goes on to say “What more can a person want in their computer experience than CD quality audio at lower costs without the need to install a sound card?”

CD ROM Inc. was recognized in 1994 by INC Magazine as the 184th fastest growing privately help company in the US, with over a 1,500 % annual sales growth rate. The company offers a full range of technology solutions of optical products. The company recently became well know for their patent pending process of making up to 6.0 GB CD-ROMs’ without incorporating DVD technology. CD ROM, Inc. is the oldest privately held CD-ROM company in the world.

For further information on SOFT AUDIO(TM) Contact:

Dr. Philip Teo Chwee Lock
Managing Director of CD ROM, Inc. (Singapore)
7, Jalan Punai, Singapore 418776, Singapore
Fax: (65)-745-2009

Ms. Lisa Weber
CD ROM, Inc.
VP of Marketing and Public Relations
1301 Arapahoe Street
Suite 7
Golden, CO 80401
P: 303-384-3922

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