D3 Services’ New Tier 4 Data Erasure Service


D3 Services’ New Tier 4 Data Erasure Service
Certifies Secure Reuse of Hard Drives and Flash Media

D3eraSE™ Service Maintains Integrity of Drives and Media While Providing a Faster,
More Secure Process for Destroying Data than “Overwriting”

Iron River, Wisconsin (July 8, 2008) – Digital Data Destruction Services (D3), a leading provider of data destruction and green recycling of electronic media by-products, today announced the launch of D3eraSE™, a new Tier 4 electronic data destruction service that permanently erases all data stored to a client’s hard drives and/or flash media making recovery impossible and the media reusable. A more secure solution than “overwriting,” D3eraSE™ is classified by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) as acceptable for company confidential documents and has been accepted by the Department of Defense for media containing data labeled “Secret”.

D3’s new D3eraSE Tier 4 service protects against security breaches and complies with laws and regulations regarding data retention and privacy. This new service also provides organizations with high volumes of hard drives and flash media considerable data security over less secure alternatives such as overwriting, as well as considerable savings by making the drives secure for reuse by fully deleting all traces of information stored on the targeted media.

“Our new Tier 4 data destruction service is far more secure than overwriting, is four times faster than overwriting,” said Dr. Roger Hutchison, President and CEO of D3. “It’s an ideal option for our customers who do not need Tier 5, ‘beyond forensic recovery’ destruction and want to reuse their hard drives or Flash media. By securely striping and reusing their existing stock of hard drives and Flash media, our customers can save thousands of dollars annually without losing sleep over what data was stored there previously.”

Tier 3 destruction or DoD Directive 5220.22 triple pass overwriting, leaves the opportunity for forensic recovery of up to 10% of stored data. Tier 5 data destruction service requires the disassembly of the hard drives, degaussing or neutralizing the magnetic signal that represents data, the disintegration of the media into disk pieces too small to recover useable data, and finally one hundred percent of the by-products are recycled. The combination of the two processes eliminates the possibility of forensic recovery, but also makes the media unusable. The addition of D3eraSE as a Tier 4 service gives D3 Services a complete menu of secure data destruction options to offer clients while still holding true to the company’s 100% Green commitment.

To learn more about D3eraSE, other levels of digital data destruction and the green recycling of electronic media by-products, visit D3’s newly relaunched website at: www.D3services.com.  D3 is the only company in the United States to comply fully with the existing eWaste legislation passed in five states, and soon to be the industry norm across the US.

About D3 Services

Founded in 2004, D3 Services is the first company in the U.S. to offer auditable, high-end, digital data destruction equipment and services with a 100% earth-friendly disposition of all by-products. HIPAA,FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, D3’s patented equipment is approved for the safe destruction of classified military data. D3eraSE™ is a trademark of D3 Services. For more information visit: www.D3Services.com or contact sales at: 952-832-5424

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