D3, Inc granted patent on its process to ‘split’ and destroy DVD media and data

May 3, 2006 IRON RIVER, WI -­­­ Digital Data Destruction (D3, Inc.) today announced that it was granted a new patent on its method and process to ‘split’ and destroy the digital data content on DVD media by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This new technology will further insure complete and total destruction of clients’ data in an efficient and economical fashion while addressing the rapidly growing need to comply with the data destruction requirements of HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FACTA and Sarbanes-Oxley Federal legislation.

The patent claims allow D3 to exclusively employ several unique methods to separate the data layers on DVD and then destroy the digital information contained on the optical discs. Recent unpublished work at the Company has scientifically proven that most alternatives currently used by many banks and hospitals, such as paper shredding approaches or dimpling processes, keep the vast majority of data on the discs. Commercial interests using unsafe technology may have serious financial and legal liabilities. This new technology from D3 provides the industry with the only 100% safe digital destruction process.

Dr. Hutchison, President and CEO of D3, Inc., said of his most recent patent award, “D3 predicts that in the near future, commercial interests will be compelled to adopt a Best Safe Practices approach to the destruction of digital data on optical discs that has been employed for the past 5 years by the National Security Agency. Banks, hospitals, and businesses who believe that simply breaking a disc, putting dimples on it so it cannot be read by a CD-ROM or DVD drive, or even shredding a disc into 5mm pieces removes the information. In fact, technology now exists which permits vast amounts of data to be reconstructed from unsafe destruction processes. D3 continues to offer the industry’s only complete and total digital data destruction products, processes, and services.”

D3 Inc. is a Wisconsin C Corporation formed in 2002 to offer high end digital data destruction equipment. D3 Services, Inc. a Wisconsin C Corp., was formed in 2004 to offer a service based approach for the audited destruction of digital media. Both companies are collocated in Iron River, Wisconsin.

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